Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Opposition civil war 

In what has become a tragicomedy of sorts the opposition is splintering again, this time in the usual pathetic fashion, their electoral unity contract was thrown into the trash bin in such dramatic fashion that it borders on the bizarre.

Manuel Rosales has been for two years the de facto leader of the opposition, a term-limited governor of Zulia that wants to see his regional party grow to become the next silver medalist in the election olympics. Of course they want the silver medal, they are content with it, and in order to guarantee it they will sabotage the bronze medalist as the gold has multiple lap advantage.

So what did Manuel Rosales do? did he anounce he was running in another state? did he throw his hat for the national assembly and later the presidency? nope he decided to go back to his roots and become the next MAYOR of Maracaibo. I shit you not. He quite literally slowed down in order to push second runner up (Primero de Justicia) out of the race...

Of course the drama was not lost in the alternative
media, (the manistream opo media hardly touches it)

So why would the de facto leader of the opposition move back to his old home? rather than move up (or even laterally) in the food chain? Evidently because they presume there is not enough food to go around in the first place. The opposition is not challenging swing states/local governments. They are fighting amongst themselves for the sure things, as if it were the only spots they know they can win.

Take Baruta municipality as another example, this rich residential area of Caracas has a term limited Primero de Justicia mayor. Every single party has a candidate, and are campaigning hard to win this seat, PJ and Copei each has their candidate (both nobodies I think) and late comer UNT has brought in a media heavyweight Geraldo Blyde (former member of PJ who along Leopoldo Lopez defected to UNT). So why does UNT send their "stars" to safe candidacies yet throws Stalin Gonzales (student "leader") to the wolves den (Libertador municipality)? The answer would be obvious by now.

PS the only drama is in Chavismo's side with Luis Tascon pulling a Lieberman.


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