Monday, September 18, 2006

Poor bastards - oh well, it least they get spiffy new digs 

Today was the first day of classes for millions of school children all across Venezuela. Seven and a half million of them ,by the governments count, in over 28 thousand different schools.

Like kids all over the world I'm sure most of them are less than enthusiastic about this. But if it is of any consolation the Chavez government has been hard at work building them nice new schools and renovating old ones. Lets look at a few:

Here is the Arenal school in Merida:

Here is another nice looking school on the other side of the country in the state of Bolivar:

In addition to building new schools the government has renovated some existing ones like the huge Fermin Toto High School in Caracas

Note they even get their own dental suite. I'm sure that makes the twirps even more excited about going to school! Seriously though, that is nice and vital service to provide in schools serving a needy population.

Here is the renovated Gran Colombia school:

Here is the Jesus Arocha school in Petare:

These lucky little ones got a visit from the Minister of Education

Lastly here are some more new classrooms:

Keep in mind, there are THOUSANDS of new and renovated schools. So when you see these pictures multiply them by a few thousand and you'll get an idea in how much is being invested in the educational infrastructure of Venezuela.


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