Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Who's scared of Chavez, obviously not the head of the UCV 

As an interesting follow up to the previous post which debunked one of the most common myths about how there is supposedly political persecution in Venezuela here is an article that appeared in today's edition of Ultimas Noticias:

París pide no confiarse por presencia de observadores

Caracas. El rector de la Universidad Central de Venezuela, Antonio París, dijo que no hay que confiarse por la presencia de los observadores internacionales de la OEA, la Unión Europea y el Centro Carter, porque los votos tienen que ser defendidos por los venezolanos.

Expresó que se ha dado cuenta de que la gente no tiene miedo y no debe hacerle caso a los rumores y salir a votar el próximo domingo "para cambiar el desastre que tenemos".

El rector indicó que la gente tiene quedarse en los centros de votación después de votar, siempre y cuando el espacio físico lo permita, y añadió que no se puede prohibir que la gente se reúna. París afirmó sobre este tema que la Presidenta del CNE, Tibisay Lucena, está equivocada.

Ve un "futuro negro" para las universidades autónomas si repite el presidente Chávez.

"En la UCV se usa la boina azul y no la roja", dijo.

Now without translating the entire article let me point out what is being said. The article quotes the rector of the Universidad Central de Venezuela, the largest University in Venezuela and a public one at that, as saying people shouldn't trust the observers to ensure the integrity of the election but rather need to carefuly observe what happens themselves. So far, so good.

He then goes on to say people have to go out and vote to "change the disaster we have." Ok, obsiously the guy isn't afraid to bite the hand that feeds him. But it gets even better. He sees a "black future" for "autonomous" universities if Chavez is re-elected He then concludes by saying "In the UCV [Universidad Central de Venezuela] the beret we use is blue, not red".

Wow, so here is the head of the largest government run and financed university saying that university is with opposition candidate Rosales (whose color is blue) and not with Chavez (famously red).

And here the opposition has spent years telling us A) that government employees that oppose Chavez have been fired B) that it is the Chavez people who abuse their public positions to further their political agenda and C) that people in Venezuela, and in particular government employees, are afraid to speak out against the government. Here we have all three of those notions shown to be false in one fell swoop.

So much for believing what the opposition says.


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