Wednesday, July 16, 2008


After several years of fairly consistant blogging things are going to be quiet around here for a little while. While the blog is not being permanently closed I will be taking at least a few months off from it.

The reasons are varied but the main ones are:

1) I am simply burned out which can probably be noted from the reduced frequency in posting.

2) The day to day goings on in Venezuela just aren't important enough to require posting on for the most part. The success or failure of what is going on there will largely be decided by how its economy does and what else happens in the world. That will only be known over the time span of months and years, not days or weeks.

3) The knowledge gained from reading newspapers and the internet is very superficial. Hence, I would rather use this time to do some more in depth reading.

So as I said the blog will be quiet for a while - at least a few months, maybe longer.

However, I of course reserve the right to post at any time if events warrent it. And certainly, further down the road, as events in Venezuela and elsewhere play out posting most definitly WILL resume.

So take a break, but don't go to far.


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