Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pre-paid DSL 

There is a reason why I supported the nationalization of CANTV/EDC but not of Sidor or Cemex et al. The formerĀ“s strategic value is represented by a network, this is something that cannot be duplicated cheaply, but its importance cannot be understated.

Moreso with CANTV, the opposition is always proclaiming how the Verizon owned CANTV provided such a great service, but they always forgot to include they only meant for them. Thing is that the vast majority of the country was kept in the dark fibre wise. There were only 1.5 million landlines initially, so when the govt announced that they were going to extend the fibre network to every town larger than 500 people I was pleased with the new direction of the company. They have gone beyond that as of late I have noticed their prepaid DSL plan (yes I know borderline broadband, but it is a start). This cannot be understated, cellphone ownership exploded under prepaid plans to the point where there are 27 million active lines. Could the same happen for broadband access?

Welll that is only a part of the equation, the other is the actual computer, the govt also is providing interest free financing through CANTV (although admitedly with a contract) which is then billed to the phone account. The computer is the so called VIT that is assembled in Venezuela, hopefully they can make the parts as well as promised


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