Thursday, August 28, 2008

If you got money pony up 

It seems Chavez is on the web related news, 3 years worth of emails are for sale from the previously enlightened wikileaks (since they went from wiki to a subscription model of sorts). I am sure the computer forensics will be as pathetic as the laptop though. (I likely wont be online to correct you - if you bring up the laptop - so please wait another day)



Sunday, August 24, 2008

If only we could see more of this 

Of late I have had a hard time watching or listening to any speeches or television programs featuring Hugo Chavez. I generally hear so much that I consider utter nonsense from him that it is really unbearable.

But today I gave him another chance and guess what? It wasn't so bad after all. Well, at least some of it wasn't.

The occasion was the inauguration of a new petrochemical plant in Zulia that takes natural gas and processes it into polymers and plastics for use in making everyday items such as plastic containers and bags, medical supplies such as syringes, and plastic piping for use in transporting gas to homes. The plant represents an investment of $75 million dollars and will be expanded in the future.

Chavez actually goes through a fairly decent discussion of what the plant does for us:

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Personally, I found the first part of all this very good. I wish there were more of it.

Further, if he can take the time to go through the intricacies of how natural gas is converted into milk jugs why can't he spend, and have the rest of the government spend, more time talking about what investments they are making, why they are making the particular investments that they are, and how they will help develop the country? Oh, and exactly HOW MUCH are they investing anyways? Would giving that one little number for 2008 really kill them?

In the mean time, given that there is no such thing as a bad investment when the alternative is probably just having the money wasted on importing flat screen TVs, I'll take what I can get. And if Chavez would do more of this who knows, maybe I'd even pay a little more attention to him from time to time.


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