Saturday, October 11, 2008

Any true believers still out there? 

First it was the escualidos that had to go. Then it was time for the evil reformist social democrats to go. Now its time for the "couner-revolutionary" leftist nationalist party Fatherland for All and Communist Party to get the boot.

I'm not kidding, Chavez really did categorize them as being "counter revolutionary".

Yeah, ok, I believe that.


Of course, no one is being burned at the stake here. Nor is anyone being shut down or repressed. There is no trampling of democratic or human rights. If Chavez wakes up one morning and decides that he doesn't want the political party that he leads, the PSUV, to be allied with those parties anymore, as apparently he decided this morning, that is his right. So there is no reason for any of this to make it on to the Human Rights Watch web-page, though I suspect it will.

Still there were many who thought this new political movement that Chavez leads, this "revolution", was supposed to be about inclusion, more democracy, participation by the people (including those who don't share your ideas as much as those who do), and open debate about how to move forward and build a better Venezuela.

Yet for pretty much anyone who has paid attention to Venezuela over the past number of years it has, over time, become more evident that there is little that is democratic about the movement Chavez leads. Rather, it is a top down, autocratic movement led by a big time megalomaniac.

Now, I know it took my dense ass 6 or 7 years to figure this out. Still, I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who doesn't yet get that Chavez's movement is a hell of a lot more exclusionary than inclusionary and a lot more about Chavez himself than anything else?


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