Monday, August 31, 2009

You cannot be held responsible for people you do not control 

It seems the policy of political encroachment has hit another landmark recently that cannot be overlooked simply because it is so hypocritical. As of now calling for a demonstration (and having this turn violent) is a crime, the implications are disturbing for many reasons not least of which is the absurdity of the case against Governor Cesar Perez Vivas, the fact that people breaking windows is seen as noteworthy by Chavez, but not chavistas throwing items from rooftops.

If Chavez wants to punish people that become aggressive (which the spearhead no doubt is) then they better have evidence of agression, and even then only the spearhead should be punished, not the people that organized the event. Putting a Chavista firebrand like Lina Ron does not give Chavismo carte blanche to establish "order", because if the law is applied equally and blindly then Chavez should be impeached because he would then be responsible for HER actions.

PS To the opposition: control your shocktroops.

EDIT Chavez seemed to back down from his earlier threats, lets hope dissidence is not stifled as gleefully predicted. Violence from both sides should be punished, but only those responsible (hint not Oscar Perez without a shred of evidence of a conspiracy).


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