Saturday, May 01, 2010

Imagine if it were PDVSA that was screwing up this badly. 

It looks like the combined incompetence of British Petroleum and the U.S. government are going to wipe out a good chunk of the Gulf of Mexico.

What can I say, shit happens.

Despite all your technology, all your money, and all your effort things can and do go wrong - something of course, that a good chunk of Venezuelan society doesn't understand. Which is why if a mosquito in the Orinoco detla bites someone in the butt the talking heads in Caracas start going berserk. Or if smoke comes out of a smoke stack then something must be terribly, terribly wrong, and of course the government is to blame.

Anyways, for those beach fans out there you might want to forget the Gulf for the next decade or so. I hear Chichireviche, Margarita and Los Roques are all pretty nice.


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