Saturday, March 27, 2004

So why this Blog? 

This new blog "Oil Wars" will give ongoing news, analysis, and commentary regarding events in two countries where a liquid hydrocarbon, aka "oil", is the prime driver of current events.

In todays "post-industrial" world where information is transmitted around the world at the speed of light it is easy to overlook the importance of oil. However, almost nothing in the industrialized world would function without it. The entire transportation system is completely dependent on oil. Without it most workers could not arrive at their jobs, no materials could be transported to factories where they are needed, and no goods could be sent to market. Without oil there would be no lubricants, no jetting to distant shores for vacations, and no trips down to highway to visit grandparents or friends. Modern society would not exist as we know it without oil.

Like the water we drink, the food we eat, and the air we breath it is easy to overlook its importance because most of us are used to it always being available at moderate prices. But as anyone who remembers the Arab oil boycott of the early 1970's can attest to when oil isn't available everything changes dramatically. Shortages of oil dramatically increase prices throughout the economy, lower the standard of living and make every day tasks difficult.

While many of us may have forgotten this the United States government has not. It is for this reason that is spends billions of dollars to stockpile oil throughout the country. It is why it spends billions more dollars along with much blood making sure that the U.S. has uninterrupted access to inexpensive oil. And it is for that reason that the U.S. is deeply involved in the events transpiring in both Iraq and Venezuela.


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