Thursday, April 08, 2004

B.S., B.S., and more B.S 

This morning the former congressional leader Newt Gingrich was on Fox TV discussing the Iraq situation. In being an apologist for the ongoing war in Iraq he stated that the Shi'ite leader al-Sadr is "a murderer who murdered a fellow Shi'ite clerk". But of course he couldn't be more wrong.

There were two Shi'ite clerics who were mudered. One was a cleric who had been in exile for many years and was brought back to be a "moderating influence". The other was a cleric who had been a collaborator to the Saddam Hussien regime. When they were leaving a mosque in Najaf they were set upon by a mob of other Shi'ites (who may or may not have been supporters of al-Sadr) and murdered. So Sadr has no direct role in the murder. He is accused of murder for having spoken out against these clerics and thereby having created an atmosphere under which they were murdered. Not exactly what Gingrich was trying to imply is it?

Later on when asked if al-Sadr's support amongst the Shi'ites was spreading he stated that "Iran has spent a lot of money trying to foment trouble in Iraq". The first part of the war is not wrapped up and he is already laying the groundwork for the next war.


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