Monday, April 05, 2004

The dogs of war are howling 

Now that the U.S. is taking more casualties in Iraq the pro-war crowd, instead of admitting that they were wrong all along, I now clamoring for yet more violence.

Lawrence Eagleburger, the former National Security Advisor in the first Bush Administration, was on Fox News Sunday night saying, repeatedly, that "we need to put those people down". In other words, we should arrest or kill as many people as necessary to keep them from resisting the occupation. He readily admitted that Iraq was a "mess" but instead of trying to figure out how we got into such a mess or how the U.S. can get out of it his response is more troops, more violence, and more repression. In other words escalation, escalation, and more escalation. Robert McNamara would be proud.

Then today we had President Bush chime in with even more absurdities:

President Bush on Monday portrayed al-Sadr's removal as a step toward protecting democracy. "This is one person that is deciding that rather than allowing democracy to flourish, he's going to exercise force," he told reporters. "We just can't let it stand."

So al-Sadr, who is an Iraqi citizen, doesn't have the right to vote (there are no elections), has no say in the new Iraqi constitution (that too is done without votes), can't freely express his opinions (his newspaper was shut down last week), and has to suffer the daily indignities of occupation by a foreign power. But according to Mr. Bush al-Sadr is the one preventing democracy from flourishing. Such are things in Mr. Bush's down is up and up is down world.


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