Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Not even close 

In the ongoing referenda news in Venezuela it was announced today that the petitions against pro-Chavez deputies in the National Assembly failed. The opposition didn't collect enough signatures to convoke a referenda against any assembly member accept one - Imad Saab Saab. And even against him they will have to "repair" some of the signatures which have been disallowed before it is certain that he will be subject to a referendum.

In most cases, the opposition didn't even come close to gathering enough signatures. Against such high profile pro-Chavez deputies as Nicolas Maduro, Iris Varela, Luis Tascon, and Tarek William Saab the opposition fell well short of getting the required signatures.

This is a very significant defeat for the opposition. They only have the possibility of getting rid of one pro-Chavez deputy whereas the pro-Chavez forces have the possibility of revoking up to 12 opposition deputies due to their petition drive being more successful than that of the opposition.


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