Sunday, May 02, 2004

Another poll shows solid support for Chavez 

In poll results published today in Ultimas Noticias (by subscription only) President Chavez's party, the MVR, is far and away the most popular political party in the state of Lara which is one of Venezuela's most populus states. Lara is an agricultural center of Venezuela as well as home of one of its main manufacturing centers, Barquisimeto.

According to a poll by the polling firm North American Opinion Research the current pro-Chavez governor of Lara, Luis Reyes Reyes, will recieve 57% of the vote in upcoming elections. Further, the MVR is far and away the most popular politcal party in Lara with the support of 36% of those polled while the most popular opposition politcal party is only supported by 12% of Larenses. According to the poll results the pro-Chavez mayor of Barqisimeto, Henry Falcon, is practically guarenteed to be re-elected as support for him is overwhelming. It is expected that in most municipalities in the state pro-Chavez candidates will win.

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