Monday, May 10, 2004

Some people are still in denial 

After five years and two elections some people still can’t accept that Hugo Chavez is President of Venezuela. Speaking today on behalf of the main opposition group, the Democratic Coordinator, the current spokesperson for the opposition Pompeyo Marquez stated “In that sense the declarations made yesterday by Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez…”

Now of course Hugo Chavez is not a Lieutenant Colonel – he is not even in the Venezuelan army. He is the President of Venezuela. However, such is the spite of the opposition that they cannot even give him his due that he was freely elected twice by large majorities. No, they can not show him even that much deference.

So while the U.S. President angrily upbraids reporters who address him as sir rather than “Mr. President” the Venezuelan opposition refuses to even acknowledge that Hugo Chavez is the President of their country.


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