Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Chavez popularity soars 

Chavez's popularity keeps going up. According to a recent Datanalisis poll his approval rating is now up to 70.5%.

How does he do it? How does he stay so popular after six years? Heres what Vincent Leon, the anti-Chavez president of Datanalisis has to say:

"¿Dónde radica el éxito de Chávez?, para León la respuesta es sencilla: "En mostrar logros concretos en un país donde nadie lo hace". "

"What is Chavez's success atributable too?", for Leon the answer is simple: "He has concrete results to show in a country where no one else does"

So its pretty simple after all. After years of opposition sabotage get the economy back on its feet with 17% growth in 2004 and 11% growth so far in 2005, add in extensive social programs, and don't forget the sheer incompetance and duplicity of the opposition and its really quite easy to understand. He has "concrete results" to show where previous leaders and the opposition have had none.


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