Sunday, May 08, 2005

More Datanalisis numbers 

More numbers were given in todays edition of Ultimas Noticias regarding Datanalisis's latest polling numbers.

On Chavez's approval rating, which stands at 70.5% (George Bush, eat your heart out) they gave the groupings that made up this favorable rating - they are; very good, good, regular to good. By contrast 27% of the population rated Chavez's tenure very bad, bad, regular to bad. All in all excellent numbers. The article reminded readers that in July 2003 Chavez's support reached its lowest point with only 30.8% approving of his perfomance and 67% disapproving. A pretty big reversal of fortune.

More spefically the poll showed that 71% of the population approved of the governments work in education and 62% in health. The governments performance was viewed negatively by 82% regarding crime and by 68.2% regarding corruption.

The poll also asked about peoples views of Cuba. The opposition to Chavez often claims that he is trying to follow the Cuban model and wants to implement a Castro type dictatorship in Venezuela. Well if he did try to do that he would have a tough time. The poll showed 77% of Venezuelans do NOT want Venezuela to follow the Cuban model while only 7% do. Further, only 33.5% of the population believes that Chavez is trying to make Venezuela like Cuba whereas most Venezuelans, 56.6%, do not believe that he is. So to those who would argue that Venezuela is somehow going to become a second Cuba, fear not. It simply is not going to happen.


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