Friday, May 06, 2005

Regime change, coming to a country near you. 

The Washington based defense think tank, The Center for Security Policy, released report today under the heading "Center calls for regime change in Venezuela". The actual title of the report is "What to do about Venezuela". It could be dismissed as just another rehash of the normal lies about Venezuela. However, the report by this Center, which does have the ear of the U.S. defense and foriegn policy establishment, reaches some chilling conclusions:

"The Bottom Line

Time is running out. Venezuela’s increased pace of repression, militarization, weapons imports, and destabilization of neighboring countries shows that time is running out for the Venezuelan people and for the relative peace that most of the hemisphere has enjoyed. The Bolivarian regime in Caracas presents a clear and present danger to peace and democracy in the hemisphere. It must change. It can change on its own, or it can invite hemispheric forces with the help of Venezuela’s broad democratic opposition, to impose the changes. Either way U.S. strategy must be to help Venezuela accomplish peaceful change by next year."

For months the Venezuelan government has been warning that the U.S. is threatening it and that it could be the next victim of U.S. military agression. These claims have often been dismissed by Chavez's oppenents as false and simply put out to rally anti-American sentiment. However, as this report makes clear, the Venezuelan government is right to believe that it may well be the target of U.S. sponsered subversion. And if that proves unsuccesfull, outright military attack.


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