Sunday, June 05, 2005

Cristina, this ones for you 

A week or so ago someone named Cristina visited the comments section and was trying to convince me that many in the opposition didn't really support the "strike" of 02/03. Now of course I know better than to believe that as I saw first hand at rallies and on TV the Venezuelan opposition clamor for a strike to bring down Chavez. But there could be some skeptics out there such as Crisitina so for them here is a photo that pretty much sums up the sentiment of your average opposition person in November 2002:

Translation: If there isn't an idefinite general strike then don't count on me anymore

BTW, here is another photo from a couple of days later:

Translation: Chavez: why don't you give your life for Venezuela, shoot yourself

Gee wiz, aren't the opposition people so nice and genteel. Can't imagine how anyone could ever get upset with them. And its so bad that Chavez is rough on them - after all they are just trying to make the very reasonable types of requests that people normally make - that the president of the country kill himself.

Fortunately for the Venezuelan opposition they live in a very free country where they can say any kind of garbage they want and no-one so much as touches a hair on their head. I can think of countries where a poster like this would at the least get you a very personal interview with the police if not a good amount of jail time.


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