Friday, July 08, 2005

Taking a good look in the mirror 

This little excerpt from Thursdays New York Times sure seems to have the Venezuelan opposition pegged:

Now, some of the movement's leaders have begun to acknowledge that they lost, in part, because they became the party of the elite. They acknowledge that they focused so exclusively on changing the system, and more esoteric concepts of democracy, that they forgot about people's practical concerns, like feeding their families.

"We were the party of the intellectuals," Dr. Khatami said in a recent interview. "So we must change this to develop ideas for the poor and workers. We will still talk about democracy and human rights, but we should explain to people how it will make their lives better."

Of course it isn’t about the Venezuelan opposition. The dead give away is not only the name the quote is attributed to but also the level of introspection it indicates. Introspection is not something the Venezuelan opposition is capable of.


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