Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terrorists escape from flypaper 

There is irony, and then there is irony. The following letter was published TODAY in the Wall Street Journal:

Iraq War Concentrates Terrorists in One Place

In response to your June 30 editorial “Wanted: A constructive opposition”:
Bush critics on the right and left fail to understand that Iraq is terrorist flypaper. It forces terrorists to fight our strength (our military) on a battlefield of our choosing with numerous allies (the vast bulk of the Iraqi people) with their weakest ability (conventional military strength). Instead of hiding in camps in countries around the world planning attacks on our civilians, the terrorists are going to Iraq and getting killed.

Meanwhile, people who should know full well the reality of Iraq (Wes Clark, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, et al.) are undermining the war for their own political ambitions. What I can’t understand is why some on the right seem so willing to join with the hysteric left.

John Knight
Prior Lake, Minn.

It would appear that some of the terrorists escaped from the flypaper

So much for that strategy.


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