Sunday, July 17, 2005

Yet more poll numbers 

As was alluded to in my update on a previous post yet more poll numbers have come out. This time the numbers come from the polling firm Sejias and Associates and they were published in Ultimas Noticias.

First I’ll cut to the chase and give Chavez’s approval rating: it is a whopping 80.5%!! This is stratospheric. Morevover, according to this poll 59.2% classify themselves as strong Chavez supporters while 21.3% as soft Chavez supporters. This is very bad news for the opposition. No wonder some of them see throwing grenades at the electoral agency offices as their only option!

The opposition has always made the arguement that Chavez is trying to “buy” support through his social programs and that is what accounts for his high popularity. Yet in this poll only 37.4% say they have personally benefitted from the Missions. When asked if they had family members who had the number rises to 48.8%. So obviously there are a lot of pro-Chavez people who aren’t even involved with his social programs.

There were some other interesting numbers. For examle, 74.3% of Venezuelans believe they live in a democratic country as opposed to 23.4% who don’t. The opposition propogandists sure aren’t doing their job very well. The most favorably viewed institution in the country – the armed forces at 71.8%. And for those who are ideologically inclined 47.9% would prefer that Venezuela had a socialist system against 25.7% that prefer capitalism.


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