Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Baghdad on the Mississippi 

I've seen some of the coverage on the disaster in New Orleans from hurricane Katrina. It certainly is a humanitarian crisis. No water,no food, no electricity, no security, large scale looting, unbearable heat, and no government services.

Come to think of it, it sounds an awful lot like Iraq. The main difference being that the people in New Orleans have only been dealing with this for a couple of days and there will be an end to it; people in Iraq have been dealing with it for a couple of years with no end in sight. Now maybe some Americans will be able to relate to why the Iraqis aren't exactly getting all excited about the new constitution which has been the talk of the U.S. media and government. Water, electricity, and still being alive at the end of the day trumps meaningless words on a piece of paper written by the U.S. Ambassador.

Oh, I forgot. There is another difference. So far there are no suicide bombers in New Orleans to cause this kind of fear and horrific tragedy.


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