Sunday, August 21, 2005

Four more years 

No that is not a re-election slogan. It is what the U.S. army is preparing for - at least four more years of large numbers of U.S. troops occupying Iraq. They say they are preparing for a worst case scenario - keeping 100,000 troops in Iraq. No, a worst case scenario would involve a lot more than a hundred thousand troops.

But prepare they must. Their puppet government likely wouldn't last more than a month or two without them. And they need get Iraq firmly under their control. Alternative sources of oil aren't exactly plentiful these days.

BTW, there were some interesting comments on Iraq from some U.S. Senators today:

From Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, a Vietnam Veteran: "We are locked into a bogged down problem not unsimilar or dissimilar to where we were in Vietnam. The longer we stay the more problems we are going to have."

From war supporter George Allen of Virginia: "It is absolutely essential that we win it. We cannot tuck tail and run (from Iraq). We have to prevail. We must win. If we lose, that will destabilize the Middle East"

Of course the real problem is they're both right. They are locked into a must win fight that they can't win. Wonder who the idiot was that got them into that pickle.


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