Sunday, August 28, 2005

We’re with you, Pat: 

I’m sure the attentive reader will already know that the U.S. government had virtually nothing to say about Pat Robertson’s call to assassinate President Chavez. Rumsfeld left it at “our department doesn’t do that” (of course, that is what they CIA is for – let them earn their paycheck). The US State Department simply said: "This is not the policy of the United States government, we do not share his views." After such a ringing condemnation I’m sure Chavez must be sleeping very soundly. Then again he is used to this sort of thing. The Venezuelan opposition has been calling for his assassination for quite some time. [those unfamiliar with what the Venezuelan opposition wants should really read the linked article, it is very enlightening].

However, a lot of other people and organizations have made is clear the only thing they’re bothered by is the bad publicity. An actual assassination of Chavez, or his overthrow, is something they could definitely live with.

To start with the complete lightweights here is what some in the blogosphere think:
“Not that there'd be much wrong with killing Hugo Chávez... knocking off the dictator certainly couldn't do any harm."
Such democrats and humanitarians aren't they.

Even the ultra right wing New York Post couldn’t let it slide saying:
“Despite the retraction, Robertson's remark remains a precious gift to Chavez, giving credence to his "America is out to get me" line, which enhances his reputation among poor Venezuelans. Thanks, Pat. For nothing.”

But the main points came from the puppeteers who I explained in a previous post have long been advocating overthrowing Chavez. In an article entitled “Pat Robertson has the right idea, but the wrong method - Center's Waller lays out alternative strategy for deposing Chavez” they reference their original work wherein they call either for the Chavez government to change or have “change imposed on it”. Hint, hint.

Here are just a couple of excerpts:

Evangelist Pat Robertson has done a public service by drawing attention to a growing menace in our own hemisphere that the Bush Administration has practically ignored: the consolidating regime of an aggressive dictatorship in oil-rich Venezuela that has allied itself with Iran and Cuba and is sponsoring subversion and violence throughout the region. While Rev. Robertson inadvertently gave Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez exactly what he wanted - the specter of a US plot to assassinate him - as an excuse to ratchet up repression and arm his regime with Russian-built offensive weapons, he has forced the public, the media, and the White House to confront the problem while there is still time to act.

Here's something the administration can do... ramp up a public diplomacy and political warfare campaign to expose the corrupt Venezuelan regime and its threats against its neighbors... help the sharply divided Venezuelan people, including the armed forces, to come together and wage their own pitched political battles against the regime to restore democracy and remove a growing threat... help the Venezuelan people lay siege to the fanatical and paranoid Chavez regime and bring it down without need of an assassin's bullet. .

So there you go Pat, that is a real game plan for “regime change”. Next time lets make sure were all on the same page.

Just remember Chavez has made one thing clear. If he is assassinated the party to be held responsible is the Bush administration. I would go a little further and include the Bush administration's lackeys in both the U.S. and Venezuela.


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