Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The money just keeps flowing in 

Remember SUMATE? The opposition electoral "watchdog"? You know, the people who came out with the bogus exit poll on the August 15 2004 presidential referendum, who screamed fraud but had all of their evidence debunked, and who for their efforts got money from the U.S. government and a trip to meet W in the White House.

Now that I've jogged your memory I thought I'd let you know they are back to raking in the money. According to Panorama Newspaper today they just got another $107,000 from the U.S. funded National Endowment for Democracy, plus $16,000 from the Canadian embassy to update their computers, and $9,300 from the German foundation Konrad Adenauer. All this in spite of the fact that it illegal in Venezuela for electoral groups to recieve foreign funding. And please keep in mind this is only what is above board - god only knows what they get from the U.S. government under the table.

So either some people never learn or, more likely, they are trying to taunt the Venezuelan government into enforcing its own laws so they can then scream repression. Hopefully, the Venezuelan government will pay no mind to these cheap propaganda ploys and just enforce the law. If a certain fashion maven has to spend some time cooling her heals so be it.

PS, this blogger does need a better computer. Not to mention paid time to blog would be great! So if anyone wants to put in a good word for me to the U.S., Canadian or German governments that would be greatly appreciated. You don't think they'd hold it against me that I support Chavez and oppose the occupation of Iraq do you?

Another thought

Should we wager on how long it will take the opposition apologists to say it was "only" $107,000? That was their defense last time. I guess when you are as well to do as most opposition supporters are you can use "only" and $100,000 in the same sentance. I, like most people, have never known that luxury. But even that assertion begs several questions. Like, if $100,000 is so insignificant then why take the money? Seeing as it is illegal and makes you look like puppets of the U.S. why would you accept it if you didn't really need it? And again this is not to mention that this is only what is declared publically - we probably won't find out for 20 or 30 years what covert funding there may have been. And lastly, for those not living in Venezuela trust me, $100,000 is indeed a lot of money in a country where most people who have jobs only make a couple hundred bucks a month. But, all of this notwithstanding, I'm sure they'll be quick to trot out the "only" arguement.


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