Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Posada Update XII 

Its been forever since the last Posada Update because the U.S. has been sitting on the case for quite some time. For those who don't know Posada is a Cuban-Venezuelan accused of terrorism and mass murder for participating in the blowing up of a Cuban Airliner flying out of Venezuela killing more than 70 people.

Some including this blogger have been very critical of the US government for not acting quickly to see this alledged terrorist is brought to justice. Venezuela had requested his extradition months ago. This contrasts with the search for Bin-Laden where the US just goes ahead and invades whatever country it thinks might be harboring him.

Today there is news a decision has been made on his fate. Apparently a US immigration judge decided he can't be extradited to Venezuela because he might be subject to torture there!!!

So lets make sure we have this straight. The US does, and essentially admits, it routinely tortures people. Yet the US expects anyone it wants to be turned over immediately. Yet Venezuela, which is not exactly famous for torturing people, can't get its hands on a suspected mass murderer because the US is afraid he might be tortured.

Double standards if ever there were any.


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