Thursday, September 29, 2005

You know things aren't going to well when... 

I was checking around on AntiWar.com when I saw an interesting headline. "Generals Say Iraq War Strategy Is Working " it read. So I expected the usual clap trap about how insurgency is "its last throws" or some such similiar non-sense. But instead the article started out:

Only one Iraqi army battalion seems capable of fighting without U.S. help, a senior American general told Congress on Thursday, leaving some lawmakers worried about worsening conditions there despite his assurances that the overall military strategy is working.

Gen. George Casey, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the number of Iraqi army battalions rated by U.S. officers as capable of fighting without U.S. help had dropped from three to one. This prompted expressions of concern by Democrats and Republicans alike, at a time when many lawmakers and members of the public are growing restless about the U.S. involvement in Iraq and the nearly 2,000 American troops who have died there.

So they go from three functional battalions to one and that is "working". I wonder what their conception of not working is.


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