Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bone headed statement of the year 

A lot of bone headed comments get made in the course of a year. But this one has to be a contender for the most absurd one during all of 2005 – and from what would normally be considered to be a serious person:

Defeating the Iraqi insurgency is as important to the United States as winning World War II was 60 years ago, the Pentagon's top officer said Monday.

Air Force Gen. Richard Myers, who will leave his post as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the end of this week, said the United States must win in Iraq because "the outcome and consequences of defeat are greater than World War II."

So, we are to believe defeating the Iraqi insurgency is somehow even more important than defeating the fascist Axis powers of WWII who were murdering millions in concentration camps and invading numerous countries. I guess the fate of the whole world depends on the U.S. successfully subjugating Iraq!! Absolutely unreal.

I have to say the pattern I see developing here is the worse things go for the U.S. in Iraq, the more their lies are revealed, the more troops that die, and the less support they have, the more outlandish their claims for why “we must fight this war”. Not only is their misguided endeavor in Iraq quickly going down the drain but so too is whatever stature and credibility they may have once had.


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