Monday, October 03, 2005

Chavez must be doing something right 

In Ultimas Noticias today they had a blurb pointing out that Carlos Menem, the former president of Argentina, has been making critical remarks towards Chavez. Apparently Menem feels that Chavez is converting Venezuela into another Cuba saying “there are expropriations, invasions of private property and attacks on people, and that takes one down the path towards Cuba”.

Now given that Carlos Menem almost single handedly trashed the Argentine economy giving it astronomical levels of debt and mass unemployment I think Chavez should wear his criticisms as a badge of honor. Menem’s criticisms of Chavez echo those of opposition leader and former Venezuelan president Carlos Andres Perez who even said once “Chavez must die like a dog”. Of course, Perez, or CAP as he is commonly known, is famous as the most corrupt Venezuelan president ever (not an easy title to win!) whose most famous act in government was having the army gun down hundreds of people in the street who dared to protest his economic policies. And as we all know, Chavez is widely despised by a certain Mr. Bush.

So lets see, Menem, CAP, and Bush all despise Chavez. Based on that alone the guy must be doing something right.

Keep up the good work Hugo!


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