Sunday, October 23, 2005

Leaving them in the dust 

Some new poll numbers were released by Sejias today. And they are not at all bad for Chavez. According to this poll 76.6% have a favorable opinion of the job he is doing. Of that number 50.8% think his performance is good to excellent while 25.8% think it is fair to good. 21.5% don’t approve of his performance and think it is fair to terrible.

And it gives more bad news for the opposition – their politicians seem not to be very popular. When asked to rate political leaders, excluding Chavez, the two leaders with the highest favorable ratings were the current Vice-President, Jose Vicente Range at 44% and the governor of Miranda, Diosdado Cabello (a member of Chavez’s MVR party) with 40.5%. Those with the highest unfavorable ratings were opposition leaders Antonio Ledezma with 42.9% and Teodoro Petkoff with 42%. So even with no Chavez the opposition still loses.

At this point such high unfavorables for the opposition probably don’t stem so much from all the damage they did to the country when they ran it under the “4th Republic” but from all the damage they have done as a political opposition – the coups, the street violence, and the billions of dollars lost due to oil strikes and lockouts. And of course, that they are so thoroughly dishonest, as we have recently seen with the oil production numbers and poverty statistics, can’t be helping their cause any.


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