Monday, October 24, 2005

The next suckers to deal with the opposition 

Today opposition suffered a significant blow when the European Union agreed to send observers to the upcoming legislative elections scheduled for December 4th. Opposition moonbat Tulio Alvarez had worked very hard to try to keep the European Union from coming to observe elections. As a general proposition the opposition doesn’t want observation missions as having observers present makes it harder to scream fraud after the fact. For example, the audits and analysis performed by the Carter Center and Organization of American States observer missions to the recall referendum completely shot down the opposition’s cries of fraud. And given that the opposition has little chance of winning elections and abhors the idea of accepting Chavez as a democratically elected president they have little choice but to claim that there was electoral fraud. Hence its clear the opposition is between a rock and a hard place and this explains their desperation to try to prevent observers from coming.

Of course,the opposition isn’t easily deterred. So once the observers tell them “yes, you really did lose the election” they will simply say the observers were incompetent and didn’t do their jobs or are closet Chavistas. So a piece of advice for the EU observers – be sure to bring ear plugs so you can sleep in spite of all the pot banging.


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