Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Of epidemic proportions 

They must be in complete meltdown at Foggy Bottom – aka the U.S. State Department. For a few years now they’ve been working day and night to try to “contain” Chavez. First they hoped to keep his model of populism/socialism bottled up in Venezuela. That didn’t work to well with it spreading, to various degrees, to places like Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Then they hoped to at least keep it from getting out of the South American continent. Up until recently they’ve had some success with that although Obrador in Mexico has been giving them ulcers. But now Chavismo seems to be spreading faster than the avian flu. Witness these comments from Italy where Chavez was visiting [taken from today’s Ultimas Noticias]:

Also the trade unions showed their support for Chavez. Paolo Grassi, a leader of the Nidil Cgil, the largest Italian union, said that “we are watching very closely the awakening labor movement in Venezuela and also the process of worker control that they are implementing through “cogestion”, as with Inveval and Invepal. This is the model that we in Italy need to follow”

And the worst part from Foggy Bottom’s point of view – there isn’t any vaccine for this yet.


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