Monday, October 10, 2005

Sometimes you just have to state the obvious 

Its sad, but sometime the propaganda and lies are so insidious they simply have to be responded to. This weekend there was a demonstration in Caracas by small farmers in support of Chavez’s land distribution which has been picking up speed recently. These redistribution efforts have a great deal of support. So rather than attack them directly the opposition tries to fear monger saying that private property (or more importantly personal property) in general is under attack. If the opposition is to be believed today it’s the large landing holdings being taken, tomorrow they’ll be coming for your TV set. Unfortunately for the opposition propagandists this garbage doesn’t go unanswered. For example, here is a pretty succinct response:

It reads;

Don’t let them fool you

The struggle is against the latifundio (big extensions of land not in use, not with production, held by a few people) that prevents the participation of the people in the productive process of the country and the creation of other sources of employment that would benefit the nation.

Not against your personal property
(your house, your car, your apartment)


To the people what belongs to the people



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