Sunday, November 13, 2005

Another one flies the coop 

As I talked about the other day it can be safely said the opposition doesn't give a hoot about the law. They routinely violate it.

Here is the latest example. One of the people implicated in the murder of State prosecutor Danilo Anderson, Nelson Mezerhane, has, according to Ultimas Noticias, fled Venezuela in his private jet and is now in Boca Raton Florida. Here is a person who is allegedly involved in the murder of the person who was investigating the April 11 coup against Chavez and the authorities can't even question him because he has fled the country rather than respond to a legal request to report to the authorities!

Now I'm not one to say that flight automtically indicates guilt. But it sure does look pretty incriminating. Also, please note that in Venezuela you must pass through Venezuelan immigration authorities when you leave the country as well as when you enter it. So he broke the law on that acount as well.

UPDATE: Today Mezerhane presented himself to the Venezuela court. So the report of his flight to the U.S. was erroneous. In any event Patricia Poleo, allededly one of the key figures in the murder of Danilo Anderson is still in hiding refusing to turn herself over and Mezerhane held out for more than a week. Hardly a model of good citizen conduct.


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