Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bush's hamster 

A little spat has developed between Venezuela's President Chavez and Mexico's President Vincente Fox. At last weeks Summit of the Americas Fox apparently noticed that his friend George Bush looked rather lonely and forlorn. So he decided to cheer him up a little bit by coming out and saying that not everyone in Latin America was in agreement with "burying" the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas.

Why did Fox do this? Who knows. Maybe he felt genuine pity for Bush. Then again maybe he was just doing some brown nosing in the hopes of getting a few hundred thousand Mexicans allowed to emmigrate up north so they don't have to stay in the hellish conditions in Mexico which Fox hasn't done much to ameliorate.

In any event, Chavez decided to fire back the other day and said that it was rather sad to see a Latin American president having to sink to the level of trying to be Bush's poodle. This has gotten a lot of press coverage as can be seen by this front page of one of Mexico's largest dailies:

Now, I really think President Chavez has mis-spoken here. There is simply no way that Vincente Fox is Bush's poodle. That job has long since been held by Tony Blair and it should be noted he has performed quite dutifully as Bush's poodle. So I think there isn't much chance of Fox edging Blair out for that role.

But a mascot to Bush Fox most definitely is. After all he doesn't bat an eye lid as his northern border is turned into a toxic waste dump and a workers hell. He doesn't seem to upset that Bush is allowing armed vigilantes to patroll the border and shoot Mexicans trying to cross it. And he is more than happy to have Mexican nationals join the empire's army and go die for it in Iraq. This is all stuff a good and loyal mascot would do.

So even if he can't be Bush's poodle he certianly is some kind of mascot. Bush's hamster, perhaps?


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