Friday, November 18, 2005

Chavez to the rescue 

Just as the mercury has started to dip below freezing in the northern U.S. and many Americans area starting to worry about sky high home heating bills who comes to the rescue? You got it, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Just as he had promised to Jessie Jackson and directly to Americans when he visited in September Venezuelan owned oil company will now begin distributing low cost home heating oil. While the Bush administration couldn't care less about how many people freeze to death this year its nice to know someone else not only cares, but acts. Just as people in Argentina, Brazil, and many other countries have seen how Chavez's social solidarity transcends borders now many people in the U.S., who have been long neglected by their own government, get to benefit from Venezuela's magnanimity.

Not much more to say but thank you Venezuela

UPDATE: This program is barely off the ground and already we've had calls for Chavez to be elected President of the United States! You had to know it was going to happen.


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