Saturday, November 05, 2005

Stay tuned - Poleo in the hot seat 

Four people have been charged as intellectual authors of the murder of state prosecutor Danilo Anderson. Anderson, who was investigating the people behind the coup of April 2002, was killed when his SUV was blown up with C4 explosive last year.

The four people include Patricia Poleo who is a very strident anti-Chavez columnist who works for her fathers extremely radical anti-Chavez newspaper. They have consistently advocated civil disobedience and even violence against the government. She was previously convicted of defaming Interior Minister Jessie Chacon by publishing what she alleged was a picture of him having killed someone. It turned out the picture was of someone else. In any event she claims she won’t flee the country and will face the charges which given her personality she probably even relishes.

In any event this is likely to be a very controversial event that we will be hearing a lot about going forward. So stay tuned. And for those who read Spanish Lubrio blog is already on the case with more details.


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