Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"...and despite this they withdrew" 

The head of the Organization of American States, Miguel Insulza, gave an interview to a Chilean newspaper in which he made some revealing comments. Regarding the Venezuelan opposition he said:

“We had a problem with the Venezuelan opposition, which assured us that they would not withdraw from the [electoral] process if certain conditions were met. These were met and despite this, they withdrew.” “This had an impact on the high abstention,”

He sounds a little miffed that the opposition lied to him. Sounds to me like he didn't do his homework. Even a cursory knowledge of how the Venezuelan opposition has conducted itself over the past couple of years should have clued him into their word being worth absolutely nothing. I mean really. They never tell the truth about anything else so why would he expect them to tell the truth about participating in the elections.

The one good thing is that at least he clearly sees that they had no valid reasons to pull out of the voting. Fortunately the OAS and the EU saw that too. And all the observers are now on record as saying the voting itself was accuate and transparent as Insulza also said when he pointed out in the same interview: "[there were]some problems here and there with the elections, which appeared in the [OAS] report, but in the election itself there was nothing abnormal."

Finally, he laid the blame for the opposition's debacle where it clearly lies, with the opposition:

...if the path of abstention is chosen, then one cannot complain that the entire parliament is in the hands of one’s political adversary

So the Venezuelan opposition has another smashing victory!! They have managed to fool absolutely no-one save themselves and their own duped (and much reduced in numbers) follows.


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