Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Do not pass go: go straight from the bingo parlor to jail 

Carlos Ortega just got a 15 year sentence for his role in the 02/03 oil strike. And this doesn't even involve his role in the April 2002 coup.

It should be fun watching all the opposition come out and say this is a political persecution. Sure, we all have the inaliable right to over throw the government!!!

Anyways, its about time some of these swine starting going to jail. A lot of people lost their jobs and went hungry because of what this idiot and his cohorts did. Attempts to overthrow the government that cost the nation billions of dollars it can ill afford to lose just can't be tolerated.

UPDATE Well, that didn't take long. Already the opposition is crying that this sentence is political in nature and is trying to crush dissent and intimidate people. I don't know, personally I think there is something to be said for intimidating people who try to overthrow democratically elected governments.


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