Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Facts, who cares about facts? 

Today Robert Giusti, the president of PDVSA before Chavez came to power, gave an interview to Union Radio. He claims that Venezuela is only producing 2.5 million barrels daily of oil when its OPEC quota is 3.2 million barrels. This lie has been continiously peddled by the opposition for almost 3 years now. And typical of this propaganda he attributes the supposed decline in production to PDVSA firing the strikers and not hiring them back!

The only problem is that the PDVSA audited financial statements released a couple of months ago completely refuted the idea of a production shortfall and showed PDVSA was producing exactly what it said it had been producting all along. That is, in 2003 PDVSA got its production back up over 3 million barrels per day without needing any of the fired managers. So unless there has been some drastic change for the worse recently it appears Mr. Giusti is just straight out lying. And yes it is a lie because I'm sure that Mr. Giusti is smart enough to know how to log onto the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission web site and read PDVSA's financial statements.

Of course this lie is being peddled to the private anti-Chavez media. That means Giusti isn't lying to Chavistas because they know better than to believe what gets said on Union Radio in the first place. In other words the people who are being decieved here are opposition supporters who still may place their faith in the opposition media. So when the opposition lies it is really just lying to its own supporters. Nice people, huh?


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