Monday, December 05, 2005

So quiet you could hear a pin drop 

For those wondering what it was like in Caracas today it was a most ordinary day - extremely ordinary. There was literally nothing save newspaper headlines to indicate that there had been an election the day before. In El Valle, which is a pro-Chavez neighborhood, people went to work normally in the morning. In wandering around the campus of the Universidad Central de Venezuela I saw lots of students playing cards or otherwise hanging out but heard nothing about politics. I went to the main opposition rallying spot, Plaza Francia, and there wasn`t even a single solitary opposition person in sight. Lots of Christmas trees but absolutely no politcs to be found. If Carcas is at all representative of Venezuela as a whole on this the main reaction is simply complete indifference. I guess the opposition really does know better than to think all the people that didnĀ“t vote support them. Otherwise they would have called a rally to show their millions of supporters. Instead they seem to be fading away with barely a wimper.


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