Monday, December 05, 2005

Want to make a bet? 

ok, I know I shouldn´t debase the blog with this stuff but sometimes I just can´t resist. As long time followers of the Venezuelan situation know the opposition has always blamed its failures on others. The coup wasn´t really a coup or it was all Pedro Carmona`s fault. The `strike` of 02/03 wasn´t their fault - according to them Chavez manipulated them and tricked them into going on strike.

Sooooo, anyone want to start making wagers on how long it will take the opposition diehards to start blaming their abstention in yesterdays election on Chavez? After all, you have to know its coming. At some point we are going to be hearing: `the bastard tricked us and provoked us into boycotting the elections - it was a setup by him all long`

My guess is we`ll all be hearing this in about a year. But feel fee to chime in with you`re own guesses.


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