Thursday, December 08, 2005

The winners so far 

Here are the two best posters I have seen in Venezuela so far:

This one shows Carlos Ortega, a key opposition leader who was instramental in leading both the April 2002 coup and the ill-fated oil strike of 02-03. The government sought his arrest for sedition and later captured in gambling him, of all places, a bingo parlor. The caption reads: Yes Mr Bush, its Carlos Ortega from the resistance, fighting against this regime. I need more dollars.

This is a poster I saw at the Central Univesity of Venezuela, apparently for a student campeign. However, its message seemed more than anything to very succinctly describe what the opposition did last Sunday. It reads: We have kept a silence which very much resembles complete stupidity.
Yes, my opposition friends, you did indeed. You did indeed.


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