Saturday, January 28, 2006

Interesting polls 

Via Vheadline I found out about a new poll on who Venezuelans trust. According to a poll by Consultores21, a major Venezuelan polling firm that like most others is opposition minded, 43% trust the government while 29% trust the opposition. So while the opposition polling organizations haven't been releasing polling information lately (maybe they are afraid their supporters can't handle the bad news?) even when they release data that only tangentially speaks to the government's popularity it shows the Venezuelan government fairing better than its opponents.

Its also interesting that the same consulting firm that carried this poll also had an interesting poll on Mexico showing that Andrés Manuel López Obrador has a 9 point lead over his closest rival and is actually pulling further ahead. His lead has widened by 3.3% since December. So hopefully in July we will be celebrating a BIG win by a popular leftist candidate in Mexico.


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