Friday, January 13, 2006

Interesting statistics hot off the press 

Heres a little something from my inbox:


Chavez is giving his speech to the National Assembly.

Here is something that just hit my inbox and I thought I'd share:

Latest stats all refer to end of 2005 which he has just given

Infant mortality - down to 16.7 per 1000 live births (1998 it was
Index of Human development over .80 for first time at .8144
Individual consumption 1999-2005 up by an average of 15% compared to
period 1990-1998 when it fell by 4.5% on average
Poverty down from 55.1 at end 2003 now end 2005 down to 37%
Unempoloyment now 8.9%
Inflation ended year at 14.4%
GDP +9.4%
All time record vehicle sales surpassing 2001

The vehicle sales I already knew about and posted on. The poverty numbers and economic growth are no suprise. Infant mortality and Index of Human Development are very pleasent surprises. And on the individual consumption I can't wait until DATOS comes out and tells us that among classes D and E it was up 25% or so!

The only figure I'm a little skeptical of is the 8.9% unemployment number. I'd like to see more on that.

But all in all theres nothing to say except this news, while not new, is excellent.


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