Saturday, January 28, 2006

Mary O'Grady keeps piling on the B.S. 

The hired opposition pen of the Wall Street Journal, May Anastasia O'Grady, was busy yesterday trying to justify her salary by writing a new propoganda piece entitled "Axis of Evo". As it is primarily on Bolivia and just continues with her usual non-sense I won't bother reproducing all of it. But there are a few references in it to Venezuela which are remarkably consistent in their complete disregard for reality or truthfulness. So lets take a look at those.

For starters we have this little gem:

After six years of Chavez, Venezuelans, once esctatic about their Bolivarian Revolution, are sinking deeper into poverty.

Its amazing how many things you can get wrong in just a single sentence. For example, she says Venezuelans were "once" estatic about the Bolivarian Revolution implying they no longer are. Does she have any polling data to back this up? No. In fact all the polls I saw, including one referenced in the proceeding post, show most Venezuelans rather like the Bolivarian government, or at least like it much more than its potential alernatives.

Then we are to believe poverty is going up? Sorry Ms O'Grady but the hard facts show it is going down. I guess she missed this, this, and this. And do you really expect poverty NOT to have gone down when poor peoples income grows so dramatically? Of course Ms. O'Grady knows this. But it doesn't fit with the points she wants to make so she just lies.

Ok, on to the next gem:

To this day, a number of Venezuelan experts believe that the so-called "coup" of April 11, 2002 was a staged event, designed expressly for the purpose of indentifying high-ranking Chavez opponents in uniform so they could be relieved of duty and replaced by less-qualified, loyal soldiers.

Note, given that she knows this is a lie, she tries to hide behind this clause "a number of Venezuelan experts believe". The U.S. propogandists lie as much as their Venezuelan counterparts do but they are at least smart enough to know how to avoid being sued for libel. In any event, Ms. O'Grady apparently didn't ask any hard questions of these "Venezuelan experts" like if the opposition wasn't planning a coup for that day how come they took the trouble to draft the infamous Carmona Decree in advance?

I've always wondered how much Ms. O'Grady gets paid for this column. In any event, if the Wall Street Journal is paying her to write these lies its getting its money's worth - she does seem to pump out a never ending stream of them.


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