Friday, January 27, 2006

This is why the U.S. doesn't want democracy in the Middle East 

This is going a ways off topic but there is something worth mentioning on this blog with respect to the big win for Hamas in the Palistinian elections. And that is it points up why the U.S. has been such a stallwart opponent of democracy in the Middle East - they just don't like the people who will win free elections. And that is why from Egypt, to Saudi Arabia, to Jordan, to Pakistan, to Kuwait the U.S. openly supports and helps prop up undemocratic regimes (and then of course, rubbing salt into the wounds, blames Arabs for not being a democratic people).

This brings us back to Iraq. One of the U.S. lies for going into Iraq was to bring democracy to that country. Of course, if they really wanted to spread democracy in the Middle East they didn't have to invade anyone, they could just stop supporting the respresive regimes they give billions to. And if they are hell bent on invading places why not invade, say, Jordan. Jordan is certainly in desperate need of democracy. But I guess the U.S. and Israel don't like who would likely win elections in Jordan so better to simply never allow them.

So all the bogus and trumped up elections in Iraq aside the one thing in the Middle East the U.S. fears a lot more than any Weapons of Mass Destruction is the simple idea of one person one vote. Which is why the Palistinians, who just had a democratic exercise in one person one vote, are probably going to get all their aid cut off. An example must be made of them before the subversive notion of democracy spreads any further.


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