Thursday, February 02, 2006

"He's a person who was elected legally just as Adolf Hitler was elected legally." 

I kid you not, Donald Rumsfeld really did say that. Have a look With complete morons like this running things no wonder they were so stupid as to think Iraq would be a cake walk and they would be welcomed as liberators.

So now that the most absurd propoganda of the Venezuelan opposition (Chavez = Hitler) is being repeated at the highest levels of the U.S. government I think we can see clearly why Venezuela better be beefing up its military. After all, if Chavez is the new Hitler and everyone knows the great mistake with Hitler was not pre-empltively destroying him while he was still weak, then it sure does follow that Yankee troops should be storming the beaches of Chichireviche pretty soon.

As a somewhat off topic aside this just goes to show what a complete lack of historical knowledge people running the U.S. government have. Hitler was not elected. He was APPOINTED Chancellor by Hindenburg after no one else could form a government. Hitlers Nazi party never won a majority of the seats in the German Reichstag and in fact their number of seats went down in the election immediately proceeding his appointment. Given their blissful ignorance of basic historical facts should we really be surprised that they got Iraq wrong, didn't see the Hamas victory coming, and have screwed up just about every other intervention they have tried?


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