Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This is cool 

As soon as a saw the headline "Explorers Discover Huge Cave and New Poison Frogs" I figured this had to be about the Guyana region of Venezuela. For those unfamiliar with it this is the south east part of Venezuela that is famous for the table top mountains, known locally as Tepuis. Even if you haven't heard about them you hopefully have heard about the worlds highest water fall, Angel Falls, which is on the largest Tepui. The area is spectacular and really a must visit area for anyone going to Venezuela. Yet, it isn't even on most people's radar and unfortunately even most Venezuelans haven't been there.

I got my digital camera after my last trip to that area so unfortunately I don't have any pictures I can post. But for anyone interested in learning more about it I would recommend going to the local library and getting out the May 1989 edition of National Geographic which has the best article on the area I have ever seen. Also, if anyone is seriously interested in going there you may want to drop me a line before paying for any expensive tour - I can help with the logistics of how to make inexpensive trip there (for starters, don't buy any tour in Caracas - they are WAY overpriced).

And one last tip - watch out for the poisonous frogs.


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